A Bit of of Social Media History

Social Media a history of modern times

Yes Social media on the internet started much before Facebook was introduced. The first Social Media tool the way we know it today was Six Degrees which was created in 1997. It started basic and allowed users to make profile and make six friends. In 1999 blogs arrived via blogspot and later WordPress taking Social Media into the limelight. MySpace and LinkedIn were the earliest to join the bandwagon by 2000 and were already creating a stir on the internet. Photobucket and Flickr went ahead with sharing online photos and became instant success. I was still doing my Masters in Business Administration then and used to research on the internet when my friends were not interested in Social Media. The habit has held me in good stead now.

YouTube created a sensation in 2005. Now people could share videos. It was really awesome time. It was an innovation that became a sensation. Soon companies were vying to post advertising on YouTube. many other competitors came and fizzled away. The PayPal employees Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim eventually sold it to Google for a fortune in 2014. Here is a video about it.

Another giant of the Social Media circuit Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg. He combined all things together to create magic. You could share messages, photos and videos on Facebook. Today Facebook is the most sought after followed closely by Pinterest, the King of sharing photos with its marvelous features.


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