How Twitter revolutionized Social Messaging

Twitter is really awesome and has changed the way we communicte

The # has changed the way people are communicating all over the world. What started as an experiment is a rage today. We are more interested in finding out what other hashtagged or tweeted. March 21, 2006 was when the first message was tweeted by Jack Dorsey the CEO of Twitter and there is no stopping the juggernaut since then. There are many ways Twitter has revolutionized social messaging since its inception.

  • Super fast flow of information – With fast servers and ingenious methods of sharing and following Twitter broadcasts messages virally. There is no other social media platform where information flows faster. It is so fast and effective that it is believed to be a key tool in citizen uprising in Egypt and Turkey even banned it for a while as they said it contributed to civil unrest.
  • There is no celebrity – On Twitter there is no one who is a celebrity. You can become a celebrity by having followers. Later celebrities were rather forced to join the platform. Twitter shows that celebrated writers have bad grammar. Funny is it not?
  • Chatting is revolutionised – twitter has really made  chatting go international. You can tweet and retweet thoughts and chats with whoever you want . There is no barrier. Great for compulsive chatters like me.
  • Helps people to create awareness – Twitter fast flow of information makes the world small. Creating awareness is very easy. Just create a twitter handle and go on.

The posts coming up next will be on SEO and SMO. So wait and watch !!!


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