Social network news - Live Video on Facebook

The latest in Social network news is that Facebook is going to make live video its central feature. This is the second innovation after introduction of emotions in the like button. Mark Zuckerberg the founder and CEO is quite excited about this new addition. He has gone on record saying that this will be the next step in evolution of social networks. The Facebook messenger icon is replaced by Live video play button on IPhone and Android devices. It lets you see who is broadcasting live among your friends, watch popular live feeds or go live yourself. On the .com version on computers a live video map lets you track, watch and broadcast videos. So why is this the most exciting social network news? Well of course it will change the way people share their thoughts. The transition is from written words and pictures to live feeds. Whether it is going to be the next big thing is not yet confirmed. Just keep a eye on it, this might be the new trend or just a flash.


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