Pinterest and Social Media

Pinterest a creative and novel approach to collecting ideas

Pinterest took the world by storm, one that initially seemed slow moving and then it seemed everyone was on board whatever your age. So what is Pinterest, obviously it is an online site, once registered for an account you can create boards to which you can add images that attract your attention be it aesthetically, educationally, funny, for learning, for business etc etc.

It was from Pinterest that I actually found the company, I found the company f by following a Pin from a friends board; as someone with bad credit I was struggling to find a reasonable lender so I was pretty pleased with Pinterest. I also bought my car through Pinterest, it really is a user friendly aid.

So you can pin pretty pictures, why has that made Pinterest so exciting? It is not really just about pinning pictures. The boards can be themed and customised to what you want so for example you could have boards for:

  • Your wedding, an online wedding planner of all the things you needs to cover, A board for each dresses, flowers, photographers and all the other necessities of a wedding. far easy to carry around than a binder.
  • Decorating, a board for each room with interior or exterior design.
  • Research, a board for each topic you are following.
  • A board for anything you can imagine – wishlists, bucket lists. These are fluid and changeable.

You getting the idea?

It is so easy to do; the below video is a good introduction:

Adding the pinterest app to your smartphone or tablet so always with you on the go you can then share with friends or collaborate on projects with colleagues as your board can be shared. Pinterest allows you to keep some boards private but keeping them public allows you to collect followers and extend your network. Using Pinterest for business is becoming a popular option. This video introduces you to the concept. New innovations are appearing everyday one is buyable pins only in the US at the moment but hopefully heading out to the rest of the world soon.

Do use use Pinterest? how do you find it, any tips or advice to add?


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