The Trend in Society: Social Change Through Social Media

Future generations are likely to take over in a world that has been greatly changed by today’s combination of humanity and technology in the social media realm. Social change through social media makes it possible for voices to be heard worldwide from a laptop or smartphone. The fact that you are immediately connected and inter-connected with millions of other people, means that it is now easier to drive a social change message across the world. The most insightful part of this change is that there is a major power shift from centralised organisations to the people they are supposed to be representing – thus granting them more power. It is a development of democracy that will Engage youth through social media and amplify their voices during important national and international debates. For many people, social media is changing lives in significant ways. Collectively, social change through social media is making the world better. Through social actions on these platforms, the world has united behind important causes and in the discussion of issues ranging from global warming to animal rights.


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