LinkedIn for Professional Network and Carrier Development

Social media of the internet era are playing huge role in our life to stay connected, share a thought and feel the bonding and gain a learning experience too.

Linkedin is one of the best website for professional networking to enjoy the bonding of your industry people, employment opptrunites, knowledge updates through the platform of discussion with the experts of the domain.

You can watch the postings and activities of both the professionals as well as organizations also, I always make it point to learn something online for health and fitness through the blogs and articles of Yoga School in Rishikesh. This has been great opportunity to explore such readings and updated to maintain the healthy lifestyle.

American Internet Entrepreneur Reid Hoffman founded this company in the year 2010 to bring the opportunities of professional networking to nurture the business opportunities. The company has its branches in many countries with workforce strength of 9200 for its 400 million members from more than 200 countries. LinkedIn has many subsidiaries such as slide share, Lynda and many others   which are helpful to discover the content online, e-learning, technology.

The members of the network can use the website for a range of communication purposes, they can wish and congratulate the achievements and anniversaries of their colleagues, send messages, greet each other, get introduced to each other by their known professionals.

I have network of qualified yoga teachers who share their professional experience and expertise through Yoga Teacher Training in India. This platform also provides an opportunity to be the part of the group of your choice and you can endorse the skills of your known people. Members can find suitable job openings and the companies can search for potential candidates though this website for sharing the employment opportunities.

In the year 2012 LinkedIn suffered the huge attack of the hackers who stole the private data and passwords of many members of this networking site. But for the useful features of this website it is loved by many business professionals across several industry around the world. The mobile version of the networking is great convenience for the users.


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