Hi I am Nathan a freelance writer, and make my living quite well. I just work for two weeks and enjoy the other two. I can do this as I get paid well for my articles. However it was not so in the beginning. I had to toil hard and write 5000 words daily to support myself. Then I learnt how to use Social media to boost my career.

In one month I made my personal blog a resounding success. The thing I did was to read and read about how to use social media. I think I read about 100 articles on the topic then. Relentlessly trying every method I chanced upon success very soon and my payment after that shot up. Also my Blog became very popular and now earns me a passive income every month. Now I can write for pleasure and earn also. I will try and share some of my endeavors in this blog regarding Social media. Keep on reading to get useful information.