Social Media and its Advantages

Development in the science and technology has been great benefit for the mind kind in terms of the communication and information sharing; in this internet era social media have been impacting the life beyond the imagination. Judicious use of the social media will be having many advantages few of them are as follows.

Now days, the connectivity has been enhanced through the social media networks. You shall have the regular connection through these sites when you ever you wish to be in touch with your connections and you can also share your real time with your friends and relatives instantly.

Market Place
E-commerce platforms are making use of the social media for the development of the marketplace where the people are finding the most suitable sites for social networking. The people can sell and buy the products online through these platforms, which can be used to reduce the consumption of the time and energy in comparison with offline marketing experiences.

Health and Fitness Awareness
You shall get regular inputs and updates about the tips of the health and fitness area by being in touch with your own desired activity such as  Training in Yoga, cycling or walking in the morning.

Social Credentialing of Business
Social credentialing is one of the helpful uses of these platforms in the business environments, as they can help in enhancing the customer services to get the reliable experience since they are being reflected on their channels which are visible to take the choice of appropriate selections.


Why you need to start your day with yoga

The first few moments of the morning when you wake up are very crucial as they can influence how you are going to think, act and treat the rest of your day. This is why it is important to keep yourself inspired and positive during that time.

It is a well known and proven fact that yoga has a myriad of benefits. It does not matter at what time you decide to practice it, you are sure to get great benefits out of it. But when you practice yoga in the morning you are going to get so much more out of it than just the health benefits.

When you start your day with yoga, you are off to a calmer and balanced start to the day ahead. If you are someone who starts the day with rushing into things, your entire day will end up being chaotic and full of stress. On the other hand, if you get up little early and start your day with some stretching and meditation, you are going to transport the same energy to your entire day.

Another benefit of practicing yoga at the beginning of the day is that it helps to get rid of the fuzz. When you sleep at night the layers of connective tissues and bodily fluids build up between the muscles. If you do not move or stretch your body this layer keeps building up and cause stiffness in the body. A quick stretching session in the morning helps to get rid of this layer and prevent tightened muscles and common pains and aches.

If you want to double up the benefits make sure to follow your yoga session by drinking a big glass of water that has been stored in a copper water bottle or copper jug overnight. Copper water is loaded with loads of essential nutrients which help with the overall well being of the body.

The Trend in Society: Social Change Through Social Media

Social change through social media

Future generations are likely to take over in a world that has been greatly changed by today’s combination of humanity and technology in the social media realm. Social change through social media makes it possible for voices to be heard worldwide from a laptop or smartphone. The fact that you are immediately connected and inter-connected with millions of other people, means that it is now easier to drive a social change message across the world. The most insightful part of this change is that there is a major power shift from centralised organisations to the people they are supposed to be representing – thus granting them more power. It is a development of democracy that will Engage youth through social media and amplify their voices during important national and international debates. For many people, social media is changing lives in significant ways. Collectively, social change through social media is making the world better. Through social actions on these platforms, the world has united behind important causes and in the discussion of issues ranging from global warming to animal rights.

The difference social media in the developing world will make

Social media in the developing world

Social media is the biggest thing to hit the world in the recent past. With the advent of smartphones and smart digital appliances, social media has managed to grow exponentially throughout the world. The big brands in this realm such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and WhatsApp are being used for virtually everything from business to politics. The developed world seems to have fully embraced social media considering they have developed the right infrastructure but what about social media in the developing world? Surprisingly social media in the developing world has caught on quite fast, and on some online platforms, some developing countries are quite a force to reckon with for example on Twitter, Kenyans on Twitter are very vocal and will always raise issues that touch on their country. Minus just straight out vocalising the social media platform is Making Africa a better place by helping in putting pressure on governments to tow the line, by bringing people together in times of need and even saving lives for example if someone needs a rare blood transfusion and its put up on social media.

Pinterest and Social Media

Pinterest a creative and novel approach to collecting ideas

Pinterest took the world by storm, one that initially seemed slow moving and then it seemed everyone was on board whatever your age. So what is Pinterest, obviously it is an online site, once registered for an account you can create boards to which you can add images that attract your attention be it aesthetically, educationally, funny, for learning, for business etc etc.

It was from Pinterest that I actually found the company, I found the company f by following a Pin from a friends board; as someone with bad credit I was struggling to find a reasonable lender so I was pretty pleased with Pinterest. I also bought my car through Pinterest, it really is a user friendly aid.

So you can pin pretty pictures, why has that made Pinterest so exciting? It is not really just about pinning pictures. The boards can be themed and customised to what you want so for example you could have boards for:

  • Your wedding, an online wedding planner of all the things you needs to cover, A board for each dresses, flowers, photographers and all the other necessities of a wedding. far easy to carry around than a binder.
  • Decorating, a board for each room with interior or exterior design.
  • Research, a board for each topic you are following.
  • A board for anything you can imagine – wishlists, bucket lists. These are fluid and changeable.

You getting the idea?

It is so easy to do; the below video is a good introduction:

Adding the pinterest app to your smartphone or tablet so always with you on the go you can then share with friends or collaborate on projects with colleagues as your board can be shared. Pinterest allows you to keep some boards private but keeping them public allows you to collect followers and extend your network. Using Pinterest for business is becoming a popular option. This video introduces you to the concept. New innovations are appearing everyday one is buyable pins only in the US at the moment but hopefully heading out to the rest of the world soon.

Do use use Pinterest? how do you find it, any tips or advice to add?

How do social media and business development work together?

Does social media work together with business development? Social media and business development are becoming more and more entwined as businesses develop their online presence in competitive markets. Many companies have become aware of this modern dynamic and have sought to exploit the internet and software technology in an attempt to expand their ability to reach customers. Facebook and Twitter are still the most widely used platforms for businesses as they are able to instantly release news and stay interactive with their customers. Social media and business development is needed for reaching new customers and increasing profits. Many business premises have become more active and eager to share information on the internet with online sales having also increased dramatically over the years. Social media security measures for new businesses are required for protecting the integrity of a company profile. Measures include guiding employees regarding appropriate content and management of the site, keeping web application software up to date and having a reliable, secure registrar. As well as doing regular tests to check for vulnerable spots and areas that could be abused by hackers.


Pinterest and the New Rich Pins

Pinterest and the rich pins feature

Pinterest was started as a way to share pictures socially. But over the years, Pinterest has become one of the most innovative ways of marketing on the web. How-to-Pins causing waves in social media marketing has become a subject of research. The promoters have realised the fact that Pinterest is creating more interest than other counterparts like Facebook and Twitter. The main reason is the use of more pictures and fewer words. The recent introduction of rich pins has added to the viability of it being used as a marketing tool online. The rich pins can be used to display pricing and can have a direct link to product pages. So, now you just need to have a store link on the product pictures you pin, and it pops up in searches. This not only improves your social media optimisation but also has been a proven sales increase tool. Small business can enhance their presence using this rich pin feature and make more sales.

Social network news – Facebook now adds Live Streaming Video

Social network news - Live Video on Facebook

The latest in Social network news is that Facebook is going to make live video its central feature. This is the second innovation after introduction of emotions in the like button. Mark Zuckerberg the founder and CEO is quite excited about this new addition. He has gone on record saying that this will be the next step in evolution of social networks. The Facebook messenger icon is replaced by Live video play button on IPhone and Android devices. It lets you see who is broadcasting live among your friends, watch popular live feeds or go live yourself. On the .com version on computers a live video map lets you track, watch and broadcast videos. So why is this the most exciting social network news? Well of course it will change the way people share their thoughts. The transition is from written words and pictures to live feeds. Whether it is going to be the next big thing is not yet confirmed. Just keep a eye on it, this might be the new trend or just a flash.

How Twitter revolutionized Social Messaging

Twitter is really awesome and has changed the way we communicte

The # has changed the way people are communicating all over the world. What started as an experiment is a rage today. We are more interested in finding out what other hashtagged or tweeted. March 21, 2006 was when the first message was tweeted by Jack Dorsey the CEO of Twitter and there is no stopping the juggernaut since then. There are many ways Twitter has revolutionized social messaging since its inception.

  • Super fast flow of information – With fast servers and ingenious methods of sharing and following Twitter broadcasts messages virally. There is no other social media platform where information flows faster. It is so fast and effective that it is believed to be a key tool in citizen uprising in Egypt and Turkey even banned it for a while as they said it contributed to civil unrest.
  • There is no celebrity – On Twitter there is no one who is a celebrity. You can become a celebrity by having followers. Later celebrities were rather forced to join the platform. Twitter shows that celebrated writers have bad grammar. Funny is it not?
  • Chatting is revolutionised – twitter has really made  chatting go international. You can tweet and retweet thoughts and chats with whoever you want . There is no barrier. Great for compulsive chatters like me.
  • Helps people to create awareness – Twitter fast flow of information makes the world small. Creating awareness is very easy. Just create a twitter handle and go on.

The posts coming up next will be on SEO and SMO. So wait and watch !!!

A Bit of of Social Media History

Social Media a history of modern times

Yes Social media on the internet started much before Facebook was introduced. The first Social Media tool the way we know it today was Six Degrees which was created in 1997. It started basic and allowed users to make profile and make six friends. In 1999 blogs arrived via blogspot and later WordPress taking Social Media into the limelight. MySpace and LinkedIn were the earliest to join the bandwagon by 2000 and were already creating a stir on the internet. Photobucket and Flickr went ahead with sharing online photos and became instant success. I was still doing my Masters in Business Administration then and used to research on the internet when my friends were not interested in Social Media. The habit has held me in good stead now.

YouTube created a sensation in 2005. Now people could share videos. It was really awesome time. It was an innovation that became a sensation. Soon companies were vying to post advertising on YouTube. many other competitors came and fizzled away. The PayPal employees Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim eventually sold it to Google for a fortune in 2014. Here is a video about it.

Another giant of the Social Media circuit Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg. He combined all things together to create magic. You could share messages, photos and videos on Facebook. Today Facebook is the most sought after followed closely by Pinterest, the King of sharing photos with its marvelous features.